Standing out is easy. The question is: what's next? Whether you are a creative, a brand or a retailer — you either evolve or you disappear. To stay attractive in this expanding universe of beauty, we must all continue making a difference. That’s why we have made it our purpose to empower you with solutions, knowledge and creativity that make your business thrive. That has been our commitment since the day we disrupted the industry. 

Here’s the secret:

To reach your customer is fundamental — to be there when they need you is vital to develop your relationship. Through our vast network of salons, retail channels and online capabilities we cover the Nordics in every aspect. But most importantly, as a brand you’ll get the very best ”all-the-way”-service there is to create a unique customer experience. We connect our brands with the right customer through the right channel and at the right time.

Selling products is one thing. But knowing your customer’s needs and dreams is key in creating new opportunities. We have a best-of-breed digital backbone to our business. It bridges our services, packaging, shopping experience and marketing assets to help us understand and know what’s going on. All to create synergies that makes a difference for each and everyone in the chain. 

Our people is our heart. 90 real human beings that make the magic happen. Most of us come from the same world as our customers, that’s why we know what they need and we can feel what they feel. No machine in the world can do that. We serve our customers with creative knowledge and new trends to give them a competitive edge everyday. But we also create new opportunities for our business relationships and brands with full creative magic and strategic planning all the way from a successful launch to the on-going campaign support.



What became the flare of our creation happened in a newly started salon just a decade ago. Here is where our two founders Fredrik Gelkner and Mikael Nilsson first met in a business negotiation representing each side, the client and the agent. An agreement led to more meetings and soon they became friends. But who could have known that the beginning of their friendship was going to ignite a revolution. Back then, hairdressers only had two options — to buy from a sales guy with a single-brand portfolio or just walk to the local wholesaler and pick from the shelf.

The gap in the market was really a big fat knot tying the hairdressers creativity behind their back. How we untied this knot became the foundation of our venture. But more important is why we did it: Every hairdresser should be able to buy what they want, whenever they like, in the quantities they need. Today it is so obvious it makes one laugh. But when we launched this idea we got turned down by every brand in the business. Now we are established as the largest distributor to hairdressers in the nordic countries. And all of our 55000 customers have the freedom of choosing between 18000 products from more than 80 brands. All thanks to a friendship that started in a salon in 2007. 

Since that day we see all of our customers and business relations as friends.  


OUR BRANDS: the family tree

  • uppercut deluxe

    Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950's barbershop Uppercut Deluxe has a modern yet traditional approach to men's grooming. 

  • fudge

    Fudge Professional is a cult hair brand that fuses energy and experimentation with individuality and an effortless ethos.

  • KC professional

    Award-winning products with an unbeatable price-quality ratio, Finnish KC Professional is a trendsetter in the hair industry.

  • amika

    Haircare and tools straight out of Brooklyn, for a lifestyle of self-expression and hair rebellion against conformity and the mundane.

  • tigi

    TIGI is about progression, keeping the art of hairdressing dynamic and alive. It's about recognition of the craft and artistry. Their philosophy: creative intelligence.

  • amichi

    Balanced and ergonomically designed scissors, crafted from japanese steel and with sharp precision.

  • matsuzaki

    A family business since 1898, Matsuzaki knows what it means to inherit and refine good craftsmanship. That’s why their scissors are so immensely popular.

  • bella nova

    Everything a hair salon needs in terms of hairdressing accessories, at prices they’ll truely love.

  • apothecary 87

    In search of the right kind of barber products, the founder of Apothecary87 decided he could do better by creating the perfect products himself.


    Zenz Organic develops and produces healthier products for a better beauty world and offer a wide range of professional hair care products, mineral makeup, sun and skin care.

  • gold

    Focusing on haircare and hair color using pure and green ingredients, Gold believes in fashion and in a clean and sustainable world.

  • saphira

    Saphira successfully created Dead Sea mineral infused formulas and products to support every woman's hair based on hair type, color and treatment.

  • tigi cosmetics

    Modern, sleek, and multi-functional, TIGI Cosmetics sets the standard for professional make-up. A repeated winner of Behind The Chair's "Best Professional Make-Up Line".

  • corioliss

    Corioliss is dedicated to change and aim to challenge the hair industry's traditional conventions by being market leaders, not followers.

  • Löwengrip 

    Löwengrip gives you a range of gentle products that you can rely on, with effective and long-lasting results.

beauty at your fingertips

Our digital world for hairdressers is more than just an online shopping experience in 4 languages. It is full of inspiration, news, knowledge and more than 18000 products. Most importantly it connects all of our 80 brands and with every single of our 30000 customers day and night in a relevant way for each and everyone. 

Headbrands.se Headbrands.dk Headbrands.no Headbrands.fi

Events & education

We help industry professionals to discover whole new sides to themselves by hosting educations and events. Together with us they can learn, meet others and get inspired — by joining us on a trip to New York or Milan for a cutting course, or learning something new directly in their own salon. 

Thanks to our very own education team and great contacts in the hair industry, we can decide based on trends and the interest from our customers, what kind of courses and events we chose to host from month to month and year to year. 

come together

the headbrands hub


Yeah, digital is the power every hour. But we are all humans. And so are our customers. To continue evolving as a business we take it as our commitment to bring skill and creativity together. So we started reimagine the very place we all work at — The HeadBrands facilities.

Located in Lund, Sweden, the 5000 square meter large hub is the home of our head office, our main warehouse, showrooms, education space and much more. It is designed to connect people from different departments in-house as well as people from all around our world. Who ever you are — please feel at home.  

we can’t wait for you to tickle and ignite our creativity with your challenge.

Let's give it a go!